Impressions from Düsseldorf

Glasstec 2016 assembled the best that the world of industrial glass processing has to offer in the vast spaces of its exhibition halls. And the crowds just kept on coming, with visitors arriving from all parts of the world. Keraglass was able to stand out at the event thanks to the solutions and machinery presented on the company's stand. Visitors were given hands-on experience of the proposals of the company from Baiso in northern Italy, including the new Vision 800 tempering furnace. This plant is rewriting the book of quality standards in the sector, thanks to its ability to bring a LOW-E sheet of more than 30 m2 in size to an emissivity value of 0.01.

This is an absolutely unprecedented result, achieved thanks to a series of structural innovations, including, primarily, a conceptually revolutionary air convection system. In summary, the furnace is equipped, above and below the rollers, with a network of steel pipes that irradiate the glass sheet with air preheated to 700°. The ability to regulate the heating and cooling process in terms of both intensity and position means that the collateral effects of optical distortion associated with the heat treatment stage are minimised. If Vision 800 was the lead player on the stand, the merit for the excellent result achieved at the event must anyway be shared with the guest stars that completed the scene. We're referring to the Leader Lami Combi lamination plant and the Rainbow roller coating plant. The former, with its exceptional versatility, elicited perpetual interest among visitors to the stand. Constant quality, with variable materials and thicknesses. That's the difficult balance that the machine has proven able to maintain, cycle after cycle. Bent glass, different thicknesses, lamination with marble and ceramic: the result never changes with Leader Lami Combi.

This exceptional result is achieved also thanks to the presence of a special taller chamber, dedicated to production processes definable as 'special'. Rainbow, on the other hand, is a glass sheet roller coating machine. As implied by the name, the assortment of colours and effects that can be produced by this machine is virtually infinite. Paint film thickness, degree of transparency, and satiné level can be set simply by entering the required value. Rainbow takes care of all the rest.

And when people get to see the design they had imagined created perfectly in the finished product... let's just say the effect is extremely compelling. Among the ups and downs of a constantly shifting market and a vast number of ideas and innovations in relation to the use of glass, this year the Keraglass stand provided visitors with plenty of stimuli and points of reflection to make sure they had plenty to report when they returned home!