Visionbend Two Ways

Keraglass Visionbend have their main element of distinction in the shaping system, based on the press-mould group, allowing to process cylindrical bending as well as spherical bending, with absolute precision and repeatability. Thanks to these features the machine is able to satisfy the requirements of the glass for architectural use, as well as for automotive, for furniture use, as well as for household appliances.

Bending and tempering furnace unidirectional "Visionbend Two Ways", able to process bent-tempered glass of a range of thickness from 2.8 mm through 12 mm, and tempered flat glass in a range of thickness from 2,8 mm through 20 mm.

Keraglass tempering furnaces have gained positions over the main competitors world-wide, thanks to a number of technical features resulting in remarkable advantages for the end-users:

-  Robust structure, making the furnace a stable machine all its physical life long.
-  High grade insulation with eco-fibres panels rated for 1200°C.
-  High efficiency radiant panels with long lasting heating elements, covered with 8 years guarantee.
-  Bottom heating elements protected by high temperature stainless steel plates, ensuring elements protection and easy cleaning, providing a clean environment in the furnace interior and uniform heating.
-  Internal walls lining with Cordierite refractory plates, preventing any dispersion of fibres particles inside the furnace (very important when convection is in place).
-  Upper and lower quench boxes positioned independently from each other, with automatic setting which is a parameter of the production recipe.
-   Rollers kinematics by precision timing belts, ensuring no backlash between the rollers and best optical quality for the glass.
-   Using standard control systems to certify and improve the quality of the final product , such as the Vision System (IRScanner) and twice with computer control of production.
-   Use Standard emergency system: UPS control energy

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