Glass lamination machinery

The Keraglass offering of lamination lines and machines has two main components: DELUXE, a complete automatic PVB line, and EVA LINE, a lamination line with static oven.


A generously sized line that can be configured based on customer requirements, DELUXE provides automatic lamination operations and features various alternative loading systems, a high performance washing machine, an assembly zone with various PVB cutting and trimming systems, a pre-oven, a main oven, with two pressing mangles and buffer conveyors to increase productivity. The heating oven combines IR radiation with a convection system to process the latest generation of low-E glass. The model is available in different sizes to work with various glass formats, including jumbo glass.

EVA LINE is composed of a washing machine, a semi-automatic assembly station and a COMBI and/or AIRSTREAM static oven, without requiring an autoclave. The line is available in different sizes and can be used with small and medium-size sheets.


The COMBI and AIRSTREAM models are flexible static ovens, with manual and/or semiautomatic assembly systems, optimal for laminating glass of different thicknesses, dimensions, and shapes, whether flat or bent, and for laminating glass/marble and glass/ceramic composites up to a maximum of 2600x5000 mm. In addition to lamination of glass with EVA, the addition of an optional controlled humidity climatisation chamber makes it possible to laminate glass with SentryGlas, PET and PVB interlayers.


The COMBI version, characterised by possible configuration in independent chambers with direct radiation by means of armoured heating elements, includes an automatic ventilation system that allows greater uniformity of heat distribution and a forced rapid cooling system to reduce cycle times. Suitable for standard glass lamination, the machine includes low section chambers, while the presence of a high section chamber allows lamination of special pieces, bent glass, and a marble slab drying process to prepare for consecutive lamination.


The AIRSTREAM version has a chamber with three racks and a convection heating system that provides uniform heating capacity and reduced cycle times. Dedicated PLC based software makes it possible to save data and energy consumption values for each load.