25 years of Keraglass: silver for quality

1996-2021: happy anniversary Keraglass!
Twenty-five years: an important milestone to celebrate. It's also the starting point of the path towards new challenges, always accepted with the all around approach to the industry that has been emblematic of Keraglass since a hunch of founder Stefano Spezzani in 1996 led to the creation of a company that combines experience and know-how with the spark to develop new top-quality products constantly, building on research, technical expertise, and innovation. Over the past quarter century Keraglass has proven its ability to change without ever abandoning its core values. With its roots in the local terrain of Sassuolo (Modena), heart of Emilia's Ceramics Valley, in 2004 the company relocated to its current site in Baiso (Reggio Emilia). Through the years, Keraglass has advanced to the position of the world's leading manufacturer of glass processing plants and equipment, designing and producing a range of technologically refined tempering, laminating and decorating solutions. In 25 years the frontiers have been broken down by the boundless energy of a company that operates through its own worldwide sales network with branch offices in Brazil and the US. A multinational in the glass industry, a trailblazing brand and a benchmark for the entire sector. The business and technological partnership agreement clinched with the Voilàp group in 2014 was another turning point for an organisation that is open also to new production and industrial scenarios. Reliability, integrity, professionalism and expertise. These are the guiding values in Keraglass, along with the desire and courage to keep our eyes on the horizon, compressing timescales and anticipating the emerging needs of a fast-paced industrial sector. Happy anniversary Keraglass: a 25-year track record without ever turning back.