Vision 900 is the super innovative tempering furnace for flat glass: equipped with a PRE-HEATING convective chamber, it successfully passed the testing of the STAZIONE SPERIMANTALE DEL VETRO complying with all the requirements of UNI standards. Achievements: tempering LOW-E glass of the latest generation up to E = 0.01, increase in production capacity, increase in quality of tempered glass and significant reduction in energy consumption. The ideal machine for medium and large companies with high quality standards, especially in the market of architectural glass, household appliance, automotive and solar, providing customer-tailored solutions.

Supervision Intelligent - The intelligent vision
A new complete graphical interface supervision system, available with a large touch-screen TV monitor that allows total control of the furnace, the continuous display of the heating cycle and of all the control tools installed in the furnace. It includes a power consumption monitoring system and user manual with automatic problem-solving system, thus minimizing the downtime of the machine.

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