Glass decoration and screen printing machinery

The Keraglass offering of glass decoration machinery includes an assortment of products. The range features a digital ink jet plotter with drop-on-demand technology, designed specifically for printing glass sheets using special inks suitable for reproduction of drawings, images and photographs for architectural structures, the automotive sector and the furniture industry.


Another product in this line is a high speed automatic screen printing machine that is ideal for series production of glass for home appliances, furniture and solar panels, and a roller coating machine for glass sheets, which provides a wide choice of effects from semi-transparent satin to obscure or completely opaque glass. The range includes a modular roller dryer for curing screen printing and coating inks.


Customers can opt for a complete, automatic, integrated line, including the three basic functions: roller coating, decoration with a screen printing machine, and drying on a roller dryer. This type of line, which assures high throughput, is especially indicated for architectural glass, furniture, and shower enclosures. It is also suitable for series production of large size coated and/or decorated panels that can be marketed to small workshops engaged in secondary processing and retail sales.


The Keraglass range is completed with a revolutionary hi-tech dynamic digital printing system that streamlines the process in digital mode for series production of glass for home appliances and automotive uses. The system offers two alternative printing types: multi pass or single pass. Continuously recirculated ceramic ink allows rapid repeat print jobs, thus guaranteeing constant operation of the machine and flexibility of use.