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GLASSBEL (Klaipedia, Lithuania)

Having long been a world leader in the architectural glass industry, and an investor in latest generation machinery for low-e glass, Glassbel has signed a major contract with Keraglass for upgrading its 2007 jumbo (3210x7000) “Kfo Double Star” oscillating tempering furnace.

The Vision upgrade consists of replacing the previous version’s existing system with a new system that allows complete control of the furnace, enhancing the pre-heating zone and implementing a new roller transmission system. 

The new control system known as “Supervision Intelligent” is equipped with a large touch screen monitor that allows for supervision using a full-graphic interface. It permits the operator to continuously view the production cycle and all the control equipment installed on the furnace. It includes an energy usage control system and a user manual with automatic troubleshooting, reducing machine downtime to a minimum. It also allows for special recipes with bespoke heating curves for latest generation glass.

The pre-heating zone will be enhanced through the implementation of a new “Vision 900” system, which will optimise the control areas and allow the furnace to reach an even greater level of heating than before.

Lastly, the upgrade consists in the implementation of a new “Dual motion” roller transmission system, which by perfecting the movement of the rollers, guarantees even more precise control of planarity.

The Vision upgrade will today provide Glassbel with a state-of-the-art furnace able to temper latest generation glass to the highest quality standards and obtain maximum productivity.