VETRODOMUS (Brescia, Italy)

One year after installing the jumbo "Vision 800" 3350x9000mm furnace at the Vetrodomus glassworks, the furnace delivered unprecedented results. Thanks to a long-standing relationship between Keraglass and Vetrodomus strengthened by a continuous exchange of ideas, Keraglass has created a real gem in technological innovation. This system is able to temper large sheets of glass (3350x9000mm) of the latest generation, reaching an emissivity coefficient of e=0,01. Such performance is achieved thanks to a new and highly efficient convection system.

The entire system is controlled and monitored directly by the new ‘Supervision Intelligent’ control system, which also controls energy consumption and the user manual with an automatic problem solving system. ‘Supervision Intelligent’ also provides reminders for scheduled maintenance operations, aimed at keeping the system running efficiently.