New agent in brazil: muniz representações

We are pleased to announce that we have entered into an exclusive agency agreement with the company Muniz Representações for the purposes of marketing and promoting the sale of our products in Brazil, represented by Mr. Genilson Muniz, who is successfully introduced in the glass industry. We believe that the presence of our agent, along with our Brazilian branch already present in São Paulo, in a vast territory like Brazil is necessary to provide our clients with immediate and professional technical/commercial support.

Below are the contact details of our agent:


Muniz Representações 

Guarulhos - São Paulo

Mob.: +55 11 9 6438 5588 – Vivo                    

WhatsApp: +55 11 9 6438 5588

Skype: genilson.muniz

Email: genilson@munizrepresentacoes.com.br

Site: www.munizrepresentacoes.com.br


Thanking Mr. Genilson Muniz for his precious collaboration, we wish him every success in his work!

Contact of the branch:

Keraglass South America do Brasil

T.: +55 11 5532 0743 

Mob.: +55 11 9 7496 0477

WhatsApp: +55 11 9 5440 7009

Email: southamerica@keraglass.com / l.alba@keraglass.com