Vision 900: winning innovation

Keraglass has secured the European contract to supply a tempering furnace to Polish glass manufacturer Q4Glass, a major continental player in the glazed façades segment. The unique nature of Vision 900's characteristics proved decisive when the company started to evaluate the bids received. Specifically, the processing quality guaranteed by this furnace constitutes a benchmark that sets it apart from competitors’ systems. This tempering furnace is equipped with a full convection pre-chamber in which pre-heated air is recirculated. In contrast, the main heating chamber is equipped with a dual heating system: convection (forced air) and radiation (direct heating with electrical elements). These features make it possible to boost production capacity and enhance tempered glass quality, while simultaneously lowering energy consumption and reducing the risk of breakages in the heating chamber. Thanks to its advanced capabilities, Vision 900 can temper glass of any type and any thickness, with the maximum versatility. 

The quality of flat glass produced by Vision 900, both in terms of technical performance and aesthetic excellence, is the best argument that Keraglass could attach to its bid for the tender. The furnace supplied for this new contract, which will be installed in the second half of 2017, will support another Keraglass furnace previously acquired by Q4Glass. “A returning customer is the best possible confirmation of the high quality standards offered by our products”.