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After closing 2022 with a revenue of 42,8 million Euros, 100% more than 2020, in 2023 Keraglass continues its growth trend with a turnover forecast of 62 million Euros, 45% more compared to 2022.


Keraglass (Baiso, Reggio Emilia), a leading Company in technologies for the glass industry, confirms an important growth trend thanks to the continuous search for innovative systems and the great ability to find customized solutions.


We are satisfied with the results we obtained”, says Maicol Spezzani, Sales Director at Keraglass, “we will keep investing in research to find increasingly cutting-edge solutions and to improve our expertise; we are active on different sectors, such as the construction and furniture industries, architecture, automotive and solar, always caring about quality and customers’ needs.

In 2021 and 2023 we have opened two new buildings, one in Carpineti (RE) and the other in Roteglia (RE): the first counts 3000 sqm and is dedicated to the assembly of our machineries and to a new R&D Lab, the second is 5000 sqm wide and it is necessary to face the growth trend we are living. This scenario allowed us increasing our production capacity by 100%.

As regards our machines, in 2022 Keraglass installed more than 25 glass tempering systems tested with excellent results, both in terms of quality of the final product and of energy saving; this was possible thanks to the new bespoke software and the high-quality insulating material.

Our estimate, comparing to 2022, is to close the current year with a 50% more of installations.

With Deluxe and Combi, we have witnessed a sensible growth of the laminating systems. The same happened with our decoration lines, from the tradition screen printing to the more innovative digital printing. We are launching now “Vivida”, the latest generation model, which is allowing our customers to have a very flexible line, interconnected with the other machines, reproducing any kind of image on large glass sheets and granting quick size changes.

Furthermore, in 2024, we will make a further step forward on the development of logistics solutions and automatic plants by presenting a new fully automated system of interconnection, storage and handling. It will connect all processing phases avoiding errors and downtime, thus optimizing production.

Thanks to our strong presence worldwide, the support of our Voilàp group and our dedication, I’m sure that we will confirm our growth trend also in the future, always focusing on the quality of our products and on our after-sale service”.