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Keraglass installation of a fourth tempering furnace at Vidriocar (Paraguay) is a resounding success

Vidriocar was founded in 1976 in the city of Encarnacion (Paraguay), specialising in the sale and installation of glass. In 1998, the company moved to the city of Fernando de la Mora, where it began to implement the glass transformation process. Today its strong presence in the most important cities of the country makes it a leader in glass processing.

The relationship with Keraglass began in 2002 with the installation of the first KFO tempering furnace and was strengthened by the installation of two more plants: a lamination kiln and a screen-printing line.

A growth supported by collaboration between two partners who share the same business and production values as quality, mission, vision and innovation. 

The partnership has been further reinforced at the end of 2019 with the purchase, and the subsequent installation in January 2020, of another latest-generation tempering furnace. “Vision 700” is able to temper jumbo glass sheets with an average production potential of 70,000 m2 per month. 

What's more, a dedicated software package, complete with preventive maintenance and problem-solving, enables Vidriocar to monitor and control the energy consumption in relation to productivity, automatically calculating the cost of the tempered product.

Vidriocar Chairman and Founder Carlos Costa comments, "Today we have four Keraglass furnaces operating continuously in Paraguay's four largest cities. The performances of Keraglass furnaces are reflected in the high quality and maximum safety of the final product. At the same time, we can count on the Keraglass technical team to get rapid responses and immediate assistance. If we were to purchase other furnaces in the future, they would definitely be Keraglass, because," Mr Costa concludes, "they are the answer to our needs and to those of our customers, who demand innovative, high quality products for major construction projects."